Concerts are memories created by the artist and their fans. Both together creates such a a beautiful composition. These beautiful moments needs to be captured. And I’m capture them since 2014 now.
With a lot of concerts captured in the past years I’m still not tired of the beauty and the bond between artists and fans. No settings, just raw feelings. Thats what I want to capture and that’s what I’m aiming for. I’m a hunter of the moment, being a photography ninja at concerts. I'm here to CAPTURE the MOMENT.
2017 - created BY.ZERO Photography 
2019 - changed the Brand to BY.MADLEN - Photography
MyMusicTaste, Weird World, KMUSIC, Kanzen Music, OTAJI, Choeun, Skey Ace, Beyond Ent., Young Bros, Beat Craze, Japako Music
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